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The Reception and Menu

Following the wedding, John and Beth invite everyone to share in the celebration at their reception in the Meadowlark Gardens Atrium.

The prospective menu is described below. Selections for both herbivorous and normal members of society are provided, along with kid-pleasing options.

John and Beth's Tropical Wedding Celebration Reception

A Selection of Fine Hors d'Oeuvres
An Eclectic Variety of Cocktail Foods to Delight the Palate and Celebrate the Occasion

"Tell me what you eat, and I'll tell you who you are."

John's Famous Carta di Musica
Prepared by John Nolley II
A Thin Italian Flatbread Cracker Seasoned with Rosemary, Sea Salt, and Olive Oil

Served with a Variety of Pesto Spreads and Sauces Including:

  • Traditional Basil and Garlic Pesto with Crumbled Feta
  • Roasted Red Pepper Pesto with Roquefort Crumbles
  • Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto with Goat Cheese Crumbles
  • Caribbean Beef Roulades
    Provided by Quite a Stir in Catering
    Marinated in Curry and Rum and Filled with Rice and Vegetables

    Roasted Vegetables
    Provided by Quite a Stir in Catering
    Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Parsnips, Mushrooms, Acorn Squash, Peppers, Eggplant, Onions, and Irish Potatoes

    Crimini Mushrooms Stuffed with Exotic Meats
    Prepared by John Nolley II
    Baked Crimini Mushrooms Stuffed with a Filling of Garlic, Onion, Mushroom, Nuts, Cheese, and a Selection of Exotic Meats Including Ostrich, Kangaroo, Llama, Wild Boar, Yak, and Caribou
    (Limited Vegetarian Option Also Available)

    Display of Fresh Fruit and Imported Cheese
    Provided by Quite a Stir in Catering
    Including Brie, Edam, Havarti, Herbed Chevre, Saga Bleu, and More; Complimented with Kiwi, Fresh Melons, a Trio of Berries, Grapes, and Pineapple; Offered with Sliced Baguettes, Crackers and Flatbreads

    Jamaican Jerk Chicken Skewers
    Provided by Quite a Stir in Catering
    Chicken Served on a Skewer with the Spicy Flavor of the Caribbean

    Miniature Phyllo Pillows
    Provided by Quite a Stir in Catering
    Filled with Cassis Scented Red Onion Marmalade

    Confections to Sweeten the Day
    Various and Sundry Sugary Treats to Please and Refresh

    A Selection of Cookies
    Prepared by Beth Bottom, Pat Foutz, and John Nolley II
    A Delicious Selection of Homemade Cookies for the Child in Everyone
    Featuring Sugar, Wedding, Coffee, and Kool-Ade Cookies

    Dessert Bars and Other Confections
    Provided by Quite a Stir in Catering
    Including Lemon Flan Bars, Toasted Coconut Bars, White Chocolate Chunk
    Brownies, Pecan Praline Bars, and More...

    Tropical-Themed Chocolate Wedding Favors
    Homemade Candies Prepared by John Nolley II -- Additional Chocolates Provided by Whitman's Candies
    A Selection of Candies and Chocolates in Tropical Shapes in a Variety of Flavors: Dark Chcolate, Peanut Butter-Chocolate, Orange-Vanilla, Orange-Chocolate, Rapsberry, Lemon, Peppermint, Cinnamon, Creme de Menthe, Cherry-Vanilla, Cherry-Chocolate, and, for the Most Daring of Palates ... Asian Chili Chocolate

    Celebratory Cakes
    Prepared by Gina Collins, Beth Bottom, and John Nolley II
    A Selection of Fine and Unique Celebratory Cakes

    Amaretto Almond Cake
    With Bailey's Creme Custard Filling and Almond Buttercream Frosting

    Lavender and Vanilla Cake
    With Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

    Fresh Lime Cake
    With Raspberry Filling and a Lime-Infused Buttercream Frosting

    Liquor-Infused Chocolate (Groom's Cake)
    A Dense Chocolate Cake Infused with Spiced Rum, Kahlua, and Creme de Cacao and Covered with a Rich Dark Chocolate Ganache and Cocoa Dust

    Fine Wines from Around the World
    Served to Best Complement the Food Selection

    Selected by John Nolley II with the Expert Advice of Randall Horst of Blacksburg's Vintage Cellar (Alternate Wines from Those Described May Be Provided if the Specified Selections Run Out)

    2003 Thorn Clarke Shotfire Ridge Shiraz
    From Australia's Barossa Valley, Home to Some of Her Finest Wines
    "Intense, almost-inky dark fruit characterizes this wine, with a palate of richly ripe berries riding atop hints of chocolate, vanilla, and caramel and a smooth, velvety finish completed by moderate tannins. Shiraz such as this pairs well with foods, particularly those of bold flavor that will not be overwhelmed by the wine's own fruit.

    2003 Ruebens Tempranillo
    A Classic Spanish Red Table Wine
    "Bold, purple bordering on black fruit defined by spicy oak undertones and hints of anise, blackberries, and plums make this Tempranillo an ideal wine to accompany hearty cheeses and meat dishes. Until recently a little-known varietal outside of Span, Tempranillo deserves a prominent place alongside any enthusiast's selections of reds like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Syrah."

    2001 Ulrich Langguth Weingut Piesporter Goldtropfchen Riesling Kabinett
    A Light, Crisp White from Germany's Best Riesling Vintage in Decades
    "Though certainly not as cloying as some Spatlesen and Auslesen of the fantastic 2001 vintage, one sip of this Kabinett will leave you wondering if it was perhaps declassified, for both the bouquet and body burst with ripe apricot and a hint of melon that is well-balanced by slate-cold minerals and acidity. Often overlooked as 'just another sweet wine,' Riesling is both refreshing and an excellent accompaniment to the foods of many cuisines."

    2001 Darting Scheurebe Spatlese Pfalz
    A Fruity and Sweet Yet Crisp White from Germany
    "Scheurebe, a wine made from a cross between the Riesling and Sylvaner grapes, offers an aromatic floral sweetness that is well-balanced by acidity. Scheurebe stands up to bold and spicy foods and also serves to complement sweeter confections."

    Beverages for All Ages
    A Selection of Sodas and Other Non-Alcoholic Beverages

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