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Originally, we had the grandiose vision of having the bachelorette party in Vegas and the bachelor party in New Orleans for true doses of debauchery. However, coordinating the travels of our wedding party members--not to mention the expense and the time involved--nixed those ideas.

Instead, we now have much subtler yet probably just as enjoyable of excursions planned.

Bridal Party Spa Day

The brideswomen plan to spend a day at the spa; Beth will provide more information soon.

Groomsmen on the Town

As John has never had much interest in strippers, he's not all that keen on the traditional bachelor party. Instead, he'd like the groomsmen to accompany him around the town, so to speak, visiting the bars and lounges of a number of nice places in D.C. We'll have fun, have some drinks, and John won't get into too much trouble.

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