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Wedding Party Bios: Todd Nolley

Todd and Buddy relax
Name: Todd Nolley Age: 25
Theme Song:
Little-Known Fact:
After seeing the film Stand By Me, Todd's mom commented that she hoped his friends "weren't all like the kids in the movie." Todd glibly responded, "No, of course not... they're worse!"
Interests / Hobbies

Even though they lived fairly far apart, Todd and John managed to get into a fair bit of mischief the times they met up.

On one occasion, they concocted a crabapple "stew" they planned to try to get another cousin to eat--hoping to see her vomit everywhere, no doubt--while on another they crushed up Sweet Tart candies and tried to sell them to one of Todd's neighbors they suspected of taking drugs.

Like most children, Todd got quite a degree of "ragging" from his older brother G.W., which ranged from being ambushed by a monster-masked G.W. in the woods as a kid to having "Reville" played each morning.

Todd and John spent an interesting evening in Mullens once when they split the remains of a half gallon of Bowman's Vodka (ouch!)--probably a bit more than a fifth, in total--doing 15 "lemon drop" shots each. Todd had rushed to the local grocery store and begged the clerks from locking up for the evening to buy a small bag of lemons--surely they thought him more than a bit daft--and the two made do with a pair of shot glasses they found in a cabinet. Taking a break after each set of five shots,

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