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Wedding Party Bios: Ryan Masters

John has known Ryan, like Matt, since 1994 when they both lived on the sixth floor of O'Shaughnessy Hall at Virginia Tech. Ryan was John's next-door neighbor in O'Shag.

Ryan, do you really want to saw off the branch you're standing on?
Name: Ryan Masters Age:
Theme Song:
Little-Known Fact:
Ryan always had to protect a small stuffed bunny rabbit from his dorm-mates (it was a gift from Heather), who were always out to get it.
Interests / Hobbies:
Volleyball, demolition, knives ...
Spouse & Family
Ryan married long-time sweetheart Heather after graduating from college; the two have a child on the way!

John first met Ryan one night to exchange (ahem) computer images, of which Ryan had quite a collection indeed. While Ryan's roommate Will slept and John and Ryan admired the digital scenery, fellow hall-mate Chris Roper snuck in and began burning a pentagram into Will's desk, providing quite a memorable first meeting. Laid back, Ryan nevertheless had a keen interest in debauchery (particularly mischief of things that went "BANG!") that his girlfriend Heather continually strove to hold in check. Oddly enough, Ryan studied building things rather than blowing them up whilst in college.

Ryan always managed to create pranks and practical jokes from which he could escape incrimination (those of you who know about the soda can, smokeless powder, and the stairwell... need I say more?) He once avenged the constant bouncing of golf balls by an upstairs neighbor by using a hair drier to blow talcum powder into their room late at night, triggering the offenders' smoke detector at 3 am. He and John once took swords to a neighbor's snowman, and Ryan could often be seen tossing throwing knives into the bedpost beside his roommate Will's head. Of course, Ryan could always be counted on to dump salt in one's food or drink during a distracted moment in the dining halls as well--he wasn't above such base humor.

After graduating from Tech with a degree in Civil Engineering, Ryan moved to the Richmond, VA area. His wife Heather attended medical school at the Medical College of Virginia at VCU, where she graduated at the top of her class. The newest buzz: Ryan will become a father in November of this year!

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