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Wedding Party Bios: Michael Taylor

Michael at the Beach
Name: Michael Taylor Age: 23
Theme Song:
Little-Known Fact:
Michael's "limit" is eight shots of vodka... but not over a time span of just ten minutes!
Interests / Hobbies
Politics, sports, reading, music
Spouse & Family
Michael is engaged to be married to Sam Keene.

Although more than three years younger than John, Michael and his cousin found much in common when children. John often became the "commander," with Michael his trusty lieutenant, in games from War to Spaceship. Using John's unique bunk bed and room as a "base," the two would stage raids to kidnap beloved stuffed animals and dolls from John's sisters and their friends, holding them for ransom and broadcasting messages over an improvised P.A. system. When Erika and Brooke inevitably went crying for the trump card of parental intervention, Michael and John would sometimes turn to tormenting Michael's younger brother, Alan, instead.

The play of childhood and Michael's role in it would later inspire John to craft his Worlds Saga stories, after first dabbling in the science fiction universe of The Exerda, which featured a Lieutenant Fleet Commander by the name of Michael and which closely mirrored the days-of-past games of Spaceship and War the two particpated in.

Michael moved from his home near Charleston, WV, to Ashland, VA, which made visits between the two cousins less frequent, but the two remained close through the years, sharing continued interests in imaginative pursuits, trading in the cap-guns of the make-believe games of childhood for the dice of role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons and video and computer games.

Michael went on to attend Virginia Tech, though he and John didn't see each other often despite being in the same town. Michael played in the Marching Virginians and went on to obtain a degree in Engineering Sciences and Mechanics, followed by an M.B.A. In the MVs, Michael met his fiancée Sam Keene; the two are to be married sometime next year.

John once had to take Michael on a long hike into the midnight woods when celebrating New Year's; Michael had boasted of "knowing his limit" of eight shots... which he promptly downed over a period of about ten minutes, succumbing to the egging-on of our little sot Brooke. This limit led to a foully-filled trash can and so much noise that John ordered fresh air and a walk away from parents and neighbors for Michael and the other inebriated participants in the night's revelry. It was then that John learned that it's not much fun when you aren't the one drinking (but everyone else is!)

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