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June 21
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Wedding Party Bios: Meg Nugent

Meg was Beth's first good friend in Blacksburg, Va., where they met in their office building that used to be a schoolhouse where Meg's Mom attended grade school. Meg is a world-traveler who never hesitates to take a spontaneous flight, cruise or road trip. Her best quote ever was in an airplane with Beth during a long and harrowing trip to New York City. She said, "My 18-hour bra needs an extension!"

Meg's looking at you!
Name: Meg Nugent Birthday: Sept. 14th
Theme Song:
"The Coffee Song" by Frank Sinatra
Little-Known Fact:
Meg can tie the stems of cherries in knots with her tongue... and she's related to Ted "Kill It and Grill It" Nugent, too.
Interests / Hobbies:
Traveling; creative endeavors like painting, open air country road cruising in her turquoise convertible T-bird; graphic design, teaching, crüner music, cat fancying, old movies, interior design / do-it-yourelf home repairs; salsa and ballroom dancing

Meg is currently enrolled in "virtual grad school" where she is working toward an M.F.A. in Advertising at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. We've all been impressed with Meg's work at Virginia Tech's VDS4 and are sure she'll do well.

Meg's real hair color remains a mystery to us all...!

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