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Wedding Party Bios: Kevin Cecil

John met Kevin in seventh grade; the two shared an interest in computers and have been friends ever since.

Kevin and his wife, Chris
Name: Dallas Kevin Cecil Age:
Theme Song:
Little-Known Fact:
Interests / Hobbies
Computers; scouting
Spouse & Family
Kevin married Chris in 2003; the two have a son, Jake.

Kevin grew up in Wyco, WV (not to be confused with Waco, TX; the town's name comes from the Wyoming County Coal Company), a short ways from Chuck's home in Iroquois. He and Chuck both attended Stephenson Elemnetary School, where Kevin and Chuck were paddled by John's aunt Marian from time to time. Kevin and John became friends shortly after meeting in the seventh grade, when both attended Mullens Middle School in the old Jim Crowe-era Connley High building.

In high school, John and Kevin had a fair degree of freedom akin to that experienced by team atheletes; rarely would they get in trouble. On one occasion, the two replaced Biology teacher Barbara Houck's reagents with colored water such that her 10th grade experiments to detect starches, sugars, and proteins in common substances all failed... Mrs. Houck, in fact, was often the target of their jokes, having a music box hidden in her desk on one occasion and all the classroom seats reversed on another.

John and Kevin both shared skills with computers, which they put to use in developing a grade card system used at Mullens High School for a year (until the county mandated their own setup), a matchmaking program for use as a school fundraiser, work on the school's yearbook, and so forth. The two attempted to rekindle the school newspaper Rebel Pride, which turned out to be too much work with too little interest amongst the student body to pan out.

After high school, Kevin joined the Army, where he spent six years working with computers and got to see, if not the Navy's grand share, at least part of the world. During that time, Kevin also worked on degrees in computer fields, and today he lives in Sterling, VA, just miles from Dulles airport. He has a son, Jake, who he and his wife Chris surely find quite a handful.

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