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Wedding Party Bios: Joe Hartwell

John has known Joe since about 1985 when the two of them competed against each other at Math Field Day. John later roomed with Joe in college at Virginia Tech.

Joe's in the Army, er, Air Force, now. Ladies, you know you love a man in uniform!
Name: Joe Hartwell Age: 27
Theme Song:
John Denver's "Thank God I'm a Country Boy"
Little-Known Fact:
Joe and John wrote the song "A Dog Named Fred" when Joe was learning the guitar in college
Interests / Hobbies:
Guitar playing; tinkering with motorcycles; home improvement; teaching motorcyle safety

Joe grew up in Summers County, West Virginia, near the small town of Green Sulphur Springs. John first met Joe in fourth grade, when the two of them competed in the Math Field Day regionals, each having won first place in his respective county. John went on to win first at Regionals, although over the years he, Joe (or "Joey" as he was known at the time), Heather Beasley (daughter of Concord University President Dr. Beasley), and one or two other students vied for the top spots in the competition.

During the filming of public service announcements on NBC-affiliate WVVA as the Valedictorians of their schools, John and Joe discussed rooming together at Virginia Tech, where they spent two years as roommates. During that time, Joe had his first real drink of alcohol, a potent concoction known as "So-Buk-Ju" his friend Brock had found while stationed in Korea (we'll omit a description of Joe's inebriated antics and comments about one particular dorm-mate's girlfriend's behind).

Whereas John decided Engineering professors at Tech on the whole lacked any sort of teaching or communications skills--absent a few gems like Dr. Ron Kander--and switched his major to the more-palatable combo of Computer Science and English, Joe slugged it out as he continued to work on a degree in Electrical Engineering. He's already gotten two Associate's degrees whilst fighting the Tech paperwork monster.

Joe is perhaps the nicest and most helpful soul alive, and his life makes for a perfect illustration of the axiom that "nice guys finish last." Poor Joe once financed a girl's car purchase, which involved his own acquisition of at least two vehicles and that later required a trip to New Orleans to repossess the long-delinquent car. While helping John, Matt, and Tan move, Matt managed to wreck Joe's truck, and Tan later rear-ended Joe's freshly-fixed truck on the way out of the body shop's parking lot. We'd offer more examples, but we prefer you not try to think of him as "Job" instead of "Joe."

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