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Wedding Party Bios: Chuck Fuller

John has known Chuck since seventh grade, where the two became very good friends.

Chuck and his wife Amber
Name: Charles Fuller Age:
Theme Song:
Little-Known Fact:
Chuck's basketball nickname was "Cut"
Interests / Hobbies
Sports (particularly WVU college athletics); video games; church outreach; working with children
Spouse & Family
Chuck married Amber in 2003.

Chuck grew up in southern West Virginia only a few miles away from John, but the two didn't meet until seventh grade. Chuck attended school at Stephenson, where John's aunt Marian taught, whereas John attended Mullens Grade School. After sixth grade, Chuck transferred to Mullens Middle (Stephenson only went up to grade 6).

There Chuck met John; classes being as small as they were in the rural school system, they shared many hours together. Somehow, John managed to ignore the sorts of antics that had gotten Chuck and Kevin paddled by John's aunt Marian (although the infamous paddling incident truly was the fault of friend Amy and not the boys in her class at all!)... Chuck would mash in the ends of John's pencils and do weird things to John's progammable calculator, not to mention his endless steams of "Yo' momma" jokes--the last culminating on the trio of Chuck, John, and Kevin nearly getting in trouble at school over a computer program they'd devised to guess whose mother matched specific insulting attributes.

Chuck revived John's interest in sports--although always active outdoors, John had never found team sports much fun--as the two first worked together as managers with the Mullens High School basketball team.

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