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Our Anniversary:
June 21
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Wedding Party Bios: Buzzy Bottom

Beth's little brother with a big brother attitude, Buzzy has tried very hard to shape Beth's behavior, suggesting this or that to tame her eccentricities, but to no avail. He cannot end her dumpster diving, no-meat-eating, no-animal-tested products lifestyle. Unfortunately for all of us, the demands of Buzzy's new job will prevent him from attending the wedding ceremony.

Buzzy and his 'lap dog' Bear
Name: Buzzy Bottom Age: 29
Theme Song:
"Monkey" by George Michael
Little-Known Fact:
Buzzy auditioned to be on David Letterman's Stupid Human Tricks, performing the "human jump rope," where he holds his arms together in front of his body, like a jump rope, and jumps through them, from back to front.
Interests / Hobbies:
Dogs, golf, cars, ogling mansions, financial market analysis, movies, JFK conspiracy theories, and creating spontaneous rap songs
Spouse & Family
Buzzy's ahd his wife Tiffany recently had a son, Ferris.

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