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Wedding Party Bios: Brooke Nolley

Brooke is John's sister and the youngest child in his family.

Brooke makes for a scary version of girly-man vampire Shido!
Name: Brooke Nolley Age: 21
Theme Song:
Little-Known Fact:
Brooke used to take tent caterpillers and rub them underneath her nose.
Interests / Hobbies:
Spoiling rotten an odd-eyed cat; video games; 80's nostalgia

We may often muse and wonder how a child ever survived to grow to adulthood, and Brooke is no exception to that rule. Indeed, with an elder sister known familiarly as the "Wild Child" who regarded Brooke as more a plaything than a little sister, it's certainly not an odd question to ask oneself of her.

One of Erika's first favorite pastimes involved smacking little Brooke's head, cooing, "Nice be-be, nice be-be" all the while. Perhaps regarding Brooke as an oversized and somewhat ambulatory doll, Erika at various times gave her sister a haircut that bore a striking resemblance to Mr. T's mohawk, painted her face "like a clown" with dessicant cream, and applied permanent marker freckles to both cheeks (fortunately Erika had yet to discover the "fun" of decapitation and amputation of Barbie and her pals as all children seem wont to do).

Always thusly confronted with a fight for her own survival, it's little wonder that by age three Brooke had acquired a sailor's mouth for colloquialism, spouting such words as her parents swore never to have uttered and that certainly were absent from the prudish television of the 1980's. Somewhere along the line she managed to discard her objectionable idioms and move somewhat more toward the normalcy of childhood.

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