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Wedding Party Bios: Alan Taylor

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Name: Alan Taylor Age:
Theme Song:
"Don't Bogart Me" by the Fraternity of Man
Little-Known Fact:
Interests / Hobbies

Alan put up with a lot as a kid. Older brother Michael ribbed him to no end, and unfortunately, John often joined in when the three of them were together. Michael and John programmed John's TI-99/4A computer to repeatedly display, "Alan is a doo-doo head" on every television in the house, dubbed him "Sergeant Gravy" in a game of War, rubbed his face with Stridex pads until he wailed out at the burning, and in general worked to make Alan's life miserable. It's a wonder he survived to adulthood to fulfil his father E.C.'s prophetic words: "One day, Michael, Alan's going to be bigger than you, and he'll whallop you in the head when you try that stuff."

Alan may be a bit too laid back to deliver head-whallopings on his older brother these days, but you can clearly see the Nolley genetic relationship between Alan and his 6'10" cousin Todd.

On a visit to John's home in Blacksburg, Alan once made himself at home with a bottle of gin and then vodka. During a trip to the Virginia Tech tennis courts in his then-inebriated state, Alan had to constantly be collared lest he wander off in search of (Alan's words) "freshman poon-tang."

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