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Our Fauniferous Zoo

Both John and Beth have been animal lovers their entire lives. Putting the two of them together apparently triggered a synergistic effect, for at first they had but five pets between them when they met: John's "Silly Birds" Rydia and Locke, and Beth's "dingoes" Agi, Ziggy, and Geronimo.

During their time together, John and Beth both brought new pets into their lives, with John first expanding his flock with Kain and Freya and Beth adopting Sam the Senegal Parrot. Later, they adopted two rescue kitties from friend Meg, Beth brought in a stray cat from the cold, and first John completed a years-long dream by adopting a Papillon (Didi), then Beth was won over and became a Papillon person herself and adopted Chance. Truly, now, they have a "fauniferous zoo!"

Didi, the cutest Papillon you'll ever see!
Deedlit (aka "Didi")
Female Papillon
Chancellor T. Pants, aka Poop
Chançois (aka "Poop")
Male Papillon
Sam has a 'thing' for Ellen DeGeneres
Sam ("Such a Monkey")
Female Poicephalus
Neptune says, 'Give me some love!'
Trebor Rodin Neptune
Male Kitty
Locke struts his stuff
Locke Cole
Male Cockatiel
Rydia is a beautiful girl!
Rydia of Mist
Cockatiel Hen
Freya nurses her clutch of eggs
Freya Crescent
Cockatiel Hen
Kain strives for a special treat
Kain Highwind
Male Cockatiel

In Memory

Time inevitably passes, and his cruel hand does not leave untouched even the most beloved of our companions. 2006 was a difficult year for the fauniferous zoo, seeing the passing of Ziggy, Moon, Belle, and several of Rydia and Kain's newborn chicks. And, sadly, in 2008 Geronimo passed as well. These pets will always be remembered for the wonderful times they shared with us!

Bottom's Jumping Geronimo (aka Roamy)
Male Dachshund
Moon says, 'This is MY beanbag!'
Aurora Moon Girl
Female Kitty
Agi, Princess and Duchess Supreme
Female Dachshund
Ziggy enjoys a neck-scratching
Male Dachshund
Psycho killer crazy cat! Watch out!
Belle Bottom
Female Kitty

The word "fauniferous" is one John made up--he's got a degree in English, after all--combining the word "fauna" with the "-ous" ending meaning "full of."

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