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Pet Profile: Ziggy

Ziggy chills out
Duke Zigfreid of Kent (aka "Ziggy")
Male Longhaired Dachshund
Age 17 (July 15, 1989 - October 31, 2006)
Origin of Name:
Ziggy was named after musician David Bowie in his earlier days as Ziggy Stardust. His AKC name comes from the long-time royal sponsor of tennis' Wimbledon, the Duke of Kent.
Theme Song:
"Soul Love" by David Bowie from his Ziggy Stardust album
Little-Known Fact:
On walks when Ziggy was young, he'd tug Agi's leash to move her along at his pace.
Interests / Hobbies:
Clubbing with other weiner dogs, playing frisbie golf, watching Seinfeld, learning French, and gazing deeply into the eyes of beautiful women.

Ziggy's Story: The Zen Master

Ziggy is the only of Beth's dingoes with a mantra as he is by far the most spiritual of them all. He practices Zen Buddhism and can truly look into a person's soul. Ziggy operates from a different plane of existence, where time is unimportant and pure energy is the essence is being. He does not begrudge other dachshunds their materialistic cravings for luxury dog beds, high-priced toys and trendy collars. However, he does not seek meaning in such things. He finds serenity in the simplest of ways, like raking his zen garden while chanting the Missa Luba, or strolling along a quiet path on a breezy day, or lapping up cool water on a hot afternoon, or reading his favorite book Siddhartha. "Peace" is Ziggy's answer.

Ziggy works his smooth magic with the ladies

Factual Ziggy

Ziggy has always enjoyed playing fetch with his toys and romancing Beth's female friends by turning on the charm at every opportunity. He was once embarrassed by his player ways when, while he was charming Beth's friend Mindy, Meg walked in the door and caught him in the act of wooing another woman. "How horrifying," she said in jest, quoting a line from the movie Raising Arizona. Although old man Ziggy has gone deaf, he's still a charmer. Unfortunately he can no longer partake in the auditory element of his favorite relaxation activity: Having his ears massaged gently while being moo'ed to like a cow (that's right, "mooooo" was his mantra).

After a long bout with Cognitive Disfunction Syndrome, Ziggy passed away on October 31, 2006, at the age of 17. He had a long, great life, and at his passing, a flock of birds flew across the yard and off to the horizon, showing Ziggy's departed spirit the way.

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