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Pet Profile: Bottom's Jumping Geronimo

Geronimo (aka Roamy)
Male Longhaired Dachshund
Age 27 (Birthday of January 16, 1992)
Origin of Name:
Geronimo was named after his Native American namesake because as a puppy Geronimo jumped anywhere and on anyone without regard for his personal safety.
Theme Song:
Randy Newman's "Blue Shadows on the Trail" from the Three Amigos soundtrack.
Little-Known Fact:
Roamy-roam lacks a tiny chunk from the side of his tongue, apparently having bitten it as a puppy.
Interests / Hobbies:
Geronimo enjoys salsa dancing; walks; Greenies; watching spaghetti westerns; bird watching; and barking at squirrels, birds, other dogs, joggers, and so forth

Geronimo's Story: He Sees (and Smells) Dead People

Roamy is a victim of his own intuition, as he has extrasensory perception that he cannot control. The Sixth Sense kid who saw dead people had it easy... at least he couldn't smell them and hear them too! Roamy is constantly on guard, often on edge, and can read Beth's every thought and knows what she is going to do before she does it. She often wonders what makes Roamy so high strung and worried about things during what should be his Golden Years, but alas he does not want to burden her with this power, albeit curse, of his. He loves Beth with all his heart and thinks of her as his soul mate. In his devotion to her, he tries to keep these unending extrasensory experiences to himself and finds it making him a tortured soul. He follows Beth everywhere to protect her from the restless spirits he senses constantly. Perhaps he may find inner peace by letting go of his desire to protect Beth and embrace Ziggy's Zen philosophy of life. Only time will tell...

Geronimo plants a kiss on Beth's lips... ICKY-POO!

Factual Roamy

Roamy is an extremely gentle and loving dog who follows Beth around like her shadow. He is the baby of the dachshunds and has high hopes of one day becoming the Alpha male, but Ziggy currently holds that position. He enjoys going on long walks alone with Beth and feels like a big boy whenever he does so. Roamy is John's favorite of Beth's dogs and loves doing a "run for the Greenies" with John leading the race through the apartment with Roamy running on his heals chasing his favorite kind of bone.

Roamy was the largest from Agi's one and only litter of puppies, and although he believes Beth to be his real mom, Geronimo "takes care" of Agi by doing things like licking her face clean of doggie "tears."

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