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Pet Profile: Chancellor T. Pants (aka "Poop")

Beth wasn't entirely sure when John brought little Didi home shortly before their wedding; she, after all, had been the head of the Dingo pack of Dachshunds for many years--but she was soon won over and became such a Papillon "person" that Beth not only today runs the Northern Virginia Papillon Meetup group, but also adopted her own Papillon, Chance!

Le Bijou Maker's Mark (aka "Chance" aka "Chançois" aka "Chancellor T. Pants" aka "Poop")
Age: 13 Years (Birthday of July 15, 2006)
Origin of Name:
Chance's registered name was given by his breeder in the hopes he'd be her "crown jewel" in the ring. Elisa also gave Chance his call name, but it was this little dog's scatalogical habits that earned him his nickname "Poop," after he did just that in Brooke's bed, John's office chair, and Beth's shoes, among other places.
Theme Song:
"Been Caught Stealing" by Jane's Addiction
Little-Known Fact:
Chance likes sleeping inside cat hats.
Interests / Hobbies:
Chasing squirrels, birdwatching, Steven Segall movies, ducks and things that go "quack!"

Chance's Story: "T" Is for Trouble

Factual Chance

Didi's breeder, Elisa Kamens, contacted John and Beth to see if they might like to foster young Chance while she had some of her other dogs in heat. Elisa thought John and Beth might like to have Chance on a "trial basis" while she completed his conformance championship and studding him out, but a slight overbite left Chance "defective" as far as the show ring was concerned, so he quickly joined the fauniferous zoo ahead of schedule.

Beth at first thought Chance a bit "defective" in other ways when he spun in circles repeatedly or when he took an amorous if unnatural interest in Geronimo, and this goofball of a dog soon fit right in to the household.

Chance is Didi's half-brother, sharing his dam, Tessa.

See more about Chance in his photo gallery on John's site.

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