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Pet Profile: Trebor Rodin Neptune

Neptune pauses to see who's there
Trebor Rodin Neptune (aka Neptune)
Male Short-Haired Kitty
Age 16 (Birthday of August 5, 2003)
Origin of Name:
Neptune's name on one level follows John's mythology "schema" (Neptune); on another reflects his pensive nature, like Rodin's The Thinker; and finally, captures John's favorite author, Robert Heinlein, with "Trebor" (spell Robert backwards)
Theme Song:
Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon"
Little-Known Fact:
Neptune's two brothers (Pippin and Baby Max) and sister (Moon) are completely white, possibly due to having two fathers for the same litter.
Interests / Hobbies:
Neptune enjoys coffee-shop poetry and art critiques; experimenting with "substances"; sunbathing; and reading travel magazines.

Neptune's Story: Don't Worry, Be Happy

Neptune's essence is bohemian at heart; he'd happily spend an afternoon regarding the nuances of a Rodin statue or the brush strokes of a Degas painting, or perhaps sit down in the lap of a poet delivering an impromptu coffee-shop performance. On the other hand, his interest in sculpture and portrait may be more due to his own being stoned--for surely behind his laid-back, mellow facade is a puff or two on the whacky weed.

Neptune ponders the ins and outs of each and every action before committing himself, often trying to capture the quintessence of The Thinker made real in flesh and fur and never wanting to cause conflict in those around him through unintended and ill-considered repercussions. Not a talkative sort, when he does speak, Neptune's words brim with obscure weight like the verses of some beatnik poem. Random jibberish they may sound to those not on the same level as this mellow soul. Never does he let a thing faze him; letting himself drift on the waters of serenity, Neptune never lets his buzz be killed.

What has that Neptune been smoking?

Neptune finds an odd cross-species kinship with Sam, Beth's Poicephalus parrot; the two have formed an exclusive "Society of the Grey-Heads." Sam, however, had best hope Neptune not reach the munchies stage of his smoking habit whilst sharing a jam session. We hope he doesn't influence Sam or any of the other pets into substance abuse!

Currently, Neptune is slated to appear in a small theatrical production in which he is the lone actor in a counterculture interpretation of Reefer Madness. He's dabbled in a few "hard" drugs, but his experiences with tranquilizers, which left him staggering drunkenly around for hours of a "bad trip," have convinced Neptune to stick with pot as his substance of choice.

Factual Neptune

Like his sister Moon, John and Beth adopted Neptune from their friend Meg as a rescue kitty. Neptune and Moon's mother was a feral stray that Meg brought indoors to litter. Neptune was the sole grey kitty from the mix--the others, including brother Pippin who was adopted by John's sisters Erika and Brooke--were completely snow white.

Neptune relaxes (or zones out, perhaps) on the bed shortly after our move to Arlington

Neptune is indeed unfazed by what goes on about him, always looking for gentle loving and thoughtful to a degree of excessiveness. We don't know that he smokes pot, but sometimes it certainly seems that way...

His name combines the mythology "schema" of sister Aurora Moon Girl with his pensive nature (Rodin having sculpted The Thinker) and John's favorite author, Robert A. Heinlein--"Trebor" being "Robert" spelled backwards.

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