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Pet Profile: Kain Highwind

Kain joined the Nolley household shortly after Freya; the latter felt quite depressed and lonely while undergoing her mandatory quarantine, so John brought Kain home to keep her company.

Kain shows that HE, not Locke, is the prettiest boy
Kain Highwind
Male Pied Cockatiel
Age 16 (Bird Day of November 20, 2002)
Origin of Name:
Kain, like Rydia, is a character in Final Fantasy IV. The sometimes-treacherous dragoon and lancer has a hot head and bright yellow-blonde hair--perfectly matching pretty-boy Kain.
Theme Song:
"Rico Suave" by one-hit wonder Gerardo
Little-Known Fact:
Kain loudly trumpets the call of a wild Cardinal at every chance, apparently hoping to impress the ladies.
Interests / Hobbies:
Cruising the strip in his convertible, looking for the newest "catch"; pinning up centerfolds from Bird Talk; being fed grapes by scantily-clad hens; going to confession on a daily basis.

Kain's Story: Australian Gigolo

Kain plays the part of a Casanova or Don Juan like a natural; just call him "Rico Suave." From the day he was born, Kain knew he was bad to the bone, God's gift to women, and a walking stack of hormone therapy.

Upon joining the Nolley household, Kain quickly set his sights on young and impressionable Freya, in whom he saw the brilliance of both her beauty and her intellect and a challenge of epic proportions. Applying skills unequalled on earth at the arts of the woo, Kain did successfully win the young maiden's heart, and soon Freya would be, as Hardy's Tess, a maiden no more. Indeed, Freya succumbed to Kain's every whim, offering him nearly-constant preening and the choicest bits of millet ahead of her own needs and desires, and all she received in return was a belly swelling with the product of their nocturnal exercise.

Having ruined the reputation of an innocent young girl and turning her to a life of carnality and sin, Kain soon made his next target, John's devoted and doting girl Rydia. Cheating behind the back and eventually in open view of his conquest Freya, Kain tried his each and every trick on the incorruptible and mature Rydia--not that she would ever betray her John.

Still, Kain cannot escape his Catholic roots and feels a heavy dose of guilt for his each and every action; no sin is too small, and he's driven to confessional to the point every priest on the Atlantic seaboard greets him on a first-name basis. That gets him through his days, granting him absolution and repentance until the next temptation rouses its head. A true believer in the words of Oscar Wilde, Kain feels the greatest strength and courage is required to yield to the most terrible of temptations--and the greatest pleasure to be extracted in doing so.

Freya and Kain enjoy a bite of salad together.

Rumors insist that Kain has challenged many a romantic rival to a duel, with his unparalleled skill at the rapier ensuring ever his victory upon the green. Forcefully removed from the company of the youth he seduced to delinquency, Kain has been installed within the glam-rocking mansion of Locke--at whom Kain always keeps a wary eye directed against the unwanted advance of the ambiguous sexuality that is the 80's music king's scene. Now he spends his days crying contritions in the voice of a Cardinal and lamenting the free life and love he long tasted and suckled yet no longer enjoys.

Factual Kain

Kain joined John's flock as a companion to the lonely Freya and quickly came to press his romantic interests upon her--which Freya certainly began to reciprocate. Kain went from a very pleasant, touchy-feely boy to a nippy and sassy lad with the growing relationship, although he continued to cultivate his repertoire of ballads and songs (sans volume control) throughout and past their courtship. Today, sharing a cage with Locke, Kain is much friendlier although still a bit nippy.

Kain's name comes from Final Fantasy IV, like Rydia, where he is a dragoon soldier (or "lancer" as known in other installments of the series) with vividly yellow hair matching Kain-the-bird's brilliant plumage. Ultimately, the name owes credit to the biblical son Cain, often speculated as being the "first vampire" in fiction--spawning a penchant for blood quite appropriate to Kain's nippiness.

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