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Pet Profile: Freya Crescent

After having Rydia and Locke in his life for many years, John talked off and on of adopting another bird, and he met and fell in love with little Freya when Beth met her "precious" Poicephalus Sam.

Baby Freya wants to have some fun!
Freya Crescent
Cinnamon Pearl Cockatiel Hen
Age 17 (Bird Day of October 11, 2002)
Origin of Name:
Freya is named for a character in Final Fantasy IX, whose name ultimately derives from the Norse goddess of the same name (and from whom we get the day "Friday")
Theme Song:
"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper.
Little-Known Fact:
Freya (the Norse goddess) had a feathered cloak that would allow her to turn into a bird. Hmm....
Interests / Hobbies:
Freya's interests include a strong maternal instinct (apt given that Freya is a goddess of love); she is a novice musician, enjoys acrobatics and the arts of escape, and is a keen cat watcher. She's rumored to have a collection of geometric Madonna-style bras as well.

Freya's Story: Maiden No More

Freya knew from Day One that her destiny was to become a mother hen. Named indirectly but most aptly for the Norse goddess of love and bounty, she remains determined to raise a nest of her own little chicks and in the process has laid enough eggs to make herself several omelets. "Randy" could easily be Freya's middle name, and her antics have probably doomed John and Beth to at least an outer cicle of Hell for their well-intentioned acts of "birdy abortion" to keep her clutches of multitudinous eggs from hatching.

How did such an innocent and demure little girl fall into such a life of sin and--dare we say it--harlotry? For indeed it wasn't always so for her. A beacon of bright potential and exceptionally outgoing, Freya's mandatory quarantine upon arrival at John's home sank the little girl into the funk of depression, and in the throes of emotion, Freya was oh-so-vulnerable to the advances of the new friend soon to join her.

Indeed, when Casanova Kain appeared on the scene, it was but a matter of time before Freya began the long spiral down the path of carnality and wickedness, all in pursuit of simple fun. Freya soon fell prey to Kain's Latin lover guiles, buying his smooth lines and whispered promises without thought to herself. Quickly she had passed the stage of heavy petting for the deeper pleasures known to man and woman, and much like Hardy's Tess, would be a maiden no more. Her first eggs came in the Summer of 2004.

Freya sits on her first clutch of eggs... oh my!

Freya didn't seem to know what to do with those first eggs, something her older "sister" Rydia seemed most indignant about--to the point Rydia laid her own eggs for the first time at the age of eight to show the little girl how it was done. Thus had Freya corrupted even the innocence of poor Rydia! Oh, no!

Measures taken to reduce Freya's egg laying--which could become dangerous to her little self by overtaxing her body's resources--largely met with failure in the face of the stubborness of a girl who "just wanted to have fun." Traditional methods including reduced daylight, rearranging her cage, separating her from the other birds, and asking her to practice birth control by holding an aspirin between her knees all failed.

Freya's fall from grace is all the more tragic as she certainly is the most intelligent of John's birds--if also perhaps the silliest. She learned to eat her food like a true parrot by watching and imitating Rydia, is an escape artist (quickly tiring of her time in the slammer), and even sings some of Kain's songs--an extreme rarity among female 'tiels. She now craves even the slightest affection and pleasures and has become much more "touchy-feely," demanding neck rubs and beak scratches like the little libertine she is.

Even separated from Kain and his ruinous influence, Freya continued to lay (albeit infertile) eggs. Freya's egg-laying addiction is under control--at least temporarily--as hormone shots do seem to do the trick. Still, she did request a stripper pole be installed in her new cage...

Factual Freya

John couldn't resist little Freya when he stood in the pet store with Beth while the latter got to know her soon-to-be "life partner" Sam the Senegal Parrot in early March of 2003. He'd the past few years toyed with the idea of adding another bird or two to his flock, always telling himself he'd find a whiteface pearl hen one day. But John quickly found himself captivated by Freya's clearly keen intellect and streak of independence; he fell in love and brought Freya home to join his flock.

Kain would soon follow, for Freya's outgoing personality didn't mesh well with the six weeks of mandatory quarantine she faced--within hearing but not sight of John's birds Rydia and Locke, and depression led her to shed precious grams of weight as she moped around without any friends. Kain and Freya soon began preening each other (although more Kain insisting on preening from Freya without any reciprocal care).

Freya perches where she can feel the beat!

From the start, it was clear Freya and Kain liked each other, raising the possibility that the two might decide to bring up a bunch of little baby 'tiels. Upon their move to Arlington, she and Kain took up baby making in earnest, producing her first clutch of tiny eggs much to the chagrin (if not surprise) of John and Beth. At their vet's advice, John and Beth carefully removed the eggs and briefly froze each in turn to prevent the development of a nest full of squawking babies. This worked for a time, but Freya soon picked up laying again, with only hormone shots doing anything to prevent her overtaxing her body with a constant stream of eggs.

Freya's name comes from Final Fantasy IX, where she plays a kangaroo/rat-like lancer; aptly enough, Kain is the lancer from an earlier installment of the series. "Freya" ultimately derives from the Norse goddess of love, from whom we get the day of the week "Friday."

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