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Pet Profile: Darth Deedlit the Devious (aka "Didi")

For a number of years, John has wanted a Papillon. Today, his dream has been realized in the form of little Didi.

Darth Deedlit the Devious (aka "Didi")
Age: -2 Years (Birthday of February 26, 2005)
Origin of Name:
The elf princess Deedlit of anime's Record of Lodoss War shares both a name and very prominent yet beautiful ears with our little Didi. Her AKC name includes both "Deedlit" and her heritage as an evil Sith Lord.
Theme Song:
"Everybody Wants to Rule the World" by Tears for Fears
Little-Known Fact:
Didi enjoys opera and the Arts channel
Interests / Hobbies:
Pursuit of the Dark Side of the Force. Toys (particularly balls), dancing, naps, solving differential equations

Didi's Story: Every Little Dog Wants to Rule the World

Didi's secret identity is one much more in the traditional vein than those of many of the pets in our home. Didi's dual life, you see, is as a superhero--or migth she be a supervillian? Sometimes the distinction is tough to discern, indeed.

By day, Didi is a mild-mannered Papillon puppy who plays at the role of philanthropist, volunteering her time to delight small children and adults alike. Her days share the secret identity of her superhero persona, that of the butterfly-winged Nonki Koinu.

At night, however, a fact known to none but the most select few, Didi dons the habiliment and coiffure of her true alter-ego, La Chiot de Cauchemar, whose sole purpose of existence is nothing less than global domination!

Factual Didi

Some years ago, John fell in love with Papillons while watching a televised dog show. The proud pint-sized toy dogs strutted across the stage, knowing themselves to be the creme de la creme of the dog world, fru-fru poodles notwithstanding. Something about their fine looks, proud carriage, and clear intellect made John realize, "When I have a dog one day, it will be a Papillon!"

John after that watched every dog show on television for a glimpse of the fairly-rare Papillon, bought books to read about and admire the breed, and took to saying, "Papillon" with perfect French intonation at every opportunity (usually to gain a smile from Beth, who found the pronounciations irresistable).

John met his first Papillon "in the fur" one afternoon when Beth called him and exclaimed, "There's a Papillon in my back yard!" A neighbor's pet had found its way to her house in Blacksburg! In 2005, John and Beth attended both the Westminster Kennel Club dog show (as a Valentine's gift to each other) and the Metropolitan Washington Papillon Club specialty show to get a chance to meet Papillons and their owners, breeders, and handlers in person.

The very day of the MAP specialty show--February 26th--John spoke to Warren Armstrong, husband of LeBijou Papillons' Elisa Kamens, and learned the breeders had a litter of puppies born that day! John could tell Elisa was a good breeder, and in a few months, he'd brought home Didi and at last realized his dream of having a Papillon puppy of his own.

Like Locke, Didi has her own Website, which you can visit at:

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