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Pet Profile: Agi

Dutchess Agatha Love
Dutchess Agatha Love (aka "Agi")
Female Longhaired Dachshund
Age 30 (Birthday of July 15, 1989)
Origin of Name:
Agi was named after tennis pro André Agassi, minus the "ass" and pronounced "aggie." Her AKC name refers to the long-time royal sponsors of Wimbledon, with an extra "T" thrown in for good measure.
Theme Song:
"My Way" by Frank Sinatra
Little-Known Fact:
Beth brought Agi home a week before going back to adopt her brother Ziggy when Beth's dad thought Agi might be lonely during the day.
Interests / Hobbies:
Food tasting, early morning yoga, watching tennis matches (particularly those involving André Agassi), listening to blues music and reading trashy romance novels.

Agi's Story: Tough Love

In her younger days, Agi took a lover named Spencer, but only once. Spencer is Geronimo's sire and was a strapping red long-haired champion dachshund. However, Agi quickly tossed him aside as she was not interested in a long-term commitment with any one canine. She actually wasn't interested in male canines at all... she set her sights higher: on men! She particularly liked Latin men and any man who would speak to her in French. She just made a fool out of herself over the men who wooed her like this! Now that she is a mature dachshund, she has set aside this youthful lustfulness for more practical endeavors: she will charm any man who will give her food! She performs private dances; tosses her long, flowing ears from side to side; bats her luscious brown eyes; and beckons come hither to any man capable of feeding her the slightest morsel (but preferably a strip of juicy bacon or some smoked turkey). She is currently scheming to put John under her captivating spell, and so far... it's working!

Agi spends some time in the slammer

Still, Agi's good looks and sly ways have not kept her out of the slammer from time to time, for she often displays a megalomaniacal streak, feeling she can get away with anything and refusing to believe she'll ever be caught--much less held responsible--even when apprehended red-pawed and in the act.

Factual Agi

Agi is a strong-willed dog who knows what she wants and will not give up until she gets it. Her biggest vice is food and she begs with persistence. She especially loves meat since she has been unfortunate enough to live with a vegetarian. She is the self-appointed taster for any cooking or baking that goes on in the kitchen, and she is not above sampling any garbage that is not contained in a can. She enjoys gentle rough-housing during playtime and especially likes her rear end spanked lightly. She owns the green velvetine chair that Beth found on the side of the road and Agi will not-so-nonchalantly let you know it's her seat if you happen to sit there when she wants to.

Agi refuses such a silly toy.

Family ties do not mean much to Agi, who insists that blood is in no way thicker than water. If food is involved, Agi will happily push aside brother Ziggy and her son Geronimo.

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