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Meet the Parents

Mother of the Bride
Captain Pat Foutz... aye, aye, ma'am!
Pat Foutz
Mother of the Groom
John's mom helps celebrate a birthday
Sandra Nolley
Father of the Bride
Beth's dad stands near Lake Alice in Gainesville
Wayne Bottom
Father of the Groom
John Nolley at a birthday party
John Nolley

Parents are something of an enigma to their children a the best of times. As small children, they stand as authority figures, role models, providers, and bastions of love. As we grow up a bit and reach adolescence, parents may become--at least in our eyes--know-nothing dolts who have never gone through the same experiences we find ourselves in and who fail to understand even the most obvious of "givens" about our daily lives. As adults, we usually reach a stage of respect, camaraderie, and even a degree of understanding, yet it is still difficult to say what we truly know about our parents.

Herein, though, Beth and John attempt to present windows into their respective parents' lives. Read on about each to gain a glimpse of what may have shaped John and Beth into the individuals they are today.

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