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Our Anniversary:
June 21
(47 more days)


Mother of the Bride: Patricia Foutz

Patricia Foutz
Age: 60
Theme Song:
"On the Road Again" by Willie Nelson
Little-Known Fact:
Pat completed graduate school at the University of Virginia in just nine months with her close friend Joy, both earning master's degrees in English.
Interests / Hobbies:
Playing stringed instruments such as harp, literature and poetry by such poets as Gerard Manley Hopkins, jazz and new age music, movies, travel (so long as it's to the indoors), cats

Beth came by her nickname "Kookikins" honestly, although that is a very recent nickname for her. As an infant, she was sometimes called Beth Butt. Her dad Wayne would regularly call her mom Pat from work and ask, "How.s my Butt?" Wayne didn't give a second thought to how this question may have sounded to his colleagues within earshot! Beth emulates her parents' eccentricities in many ways. Although she was an outstanding student, Beth's mom Pat was also known in high school for her practical jokes and for wearing a watch on her ear. During her adult life, Pat has always gone against the grain in her own quiet way. Unless you know Pat well, you are not aware of her mystical spiritual beliefs in such things as the collapse of time and parallel lives. In the grand spectrum, Pat is definitely an old soul. Beth's dad on the other hand, is quite outspoken about his spiritual beliefs. Most people who know Wayne are aware that twice in his life he has entered the monkhood and chosen to leave it. Although Beth considers herself to be a recovering Catholic, she is glad that her father insisted on raising her in that religion. During his first stint in the Alexian Brothers Monastery in Chicago, Wayne got reprimanded several times for breaking the rules. Once he even rode a motorcycle wearing his habit! During his recent monkhood experience, this time in the Trappist Abbey of Gethsemani in Kentucky, Wayne was reprimanded for utilizing technology such as the telephone and e-mail to keep in touch with the outside world. Beth is very glad that things turned out as they did, because otherwise her dad would not have been allowed to leave the monastery to attend his daughter's non-Catholic wedding ceremony. Pat and Wayne have been friends since their high school years in Newport News, Va. They have raised a good, albeit off-the-wall, family, and Beth wouldn't have it any other way.

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