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Father of the Groom: John Nolley

John Nolley
John Nolley
Age: 53
Theme Song:
The "Bananaman" Theme from Captain Kangaroo (performed by Sam Levine as "A. Robins")
Little-Known Fact:
Interests / Hobbies:
Hiking & the outdoors; sports; reading; his large & fluffy dogs; shopping the sales at Belk's

John Nolley was born in Mullens, WV, the second-youngest of six children in his family. As a child, he spent much of his time like any boy of the day: building model cars (and then blowing them up), playing marbles and other games, running a paper route, and so forth. From a family of educators--his father a school principal and later superintendent, two brothers teachers as well as a sister--John went on to attend college at Morris Harvey (now the University of Charleston) and to complete a Master's degree at Marshall University.

He met his future wife Sandy, who'd grown up in the Charleston area, while in college. The two of them returned to Mullens to start a family, first living in an apartment downtown and later to a home that John and his brother Rob built on a lot near John's parents' house. John went from teaching at Herndon High School to working as the Guidance Director for Wyoming County and has oft-times been involved in school activities such as coaching basketball.

John's dad spends some time with his dogs

These days, John takes near-daily hikes to the top of the mountain behind his home with the two dogs held in his custodianship for Erika and Brooke (Emma and Leia, respectively) and his own new puppy, Arwen.

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